Upcoming ELIE Network Meetings

General Meetings Third Tuesday 8AM at Hilton Garden Inn (2038 Old Country Rd, Riverhead, NY 11901)

if you wish to attend email Scott Behr - sbehr@mtb.com

Upcoming ELIE Networking Events

About ELIE Network:

Eastern Long Island Executives (ELIE) is a regional networking organization dedicated to the promotion of business on the East End of Long Island for over 30 years. ELIE is one per industry, non-competing, and is designed to leverage internal and external relationships to help members grow their business.

How to join ELIE:

If you are interested in joining ELIE, please refer to our membership agreement for more information. For a list of current members and industries represented, please see our Breakfast Club member list. For further details please contact Vito Piche at vpiche@reresources.info.

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